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Dawn is Destiny is founded by Dr. Devashish Sharma. Recognizing the voluptuous difference between the available & actually needed resources emotional and psychological support, he developed medium to provide a best possible advice that is easily accessible to all.

One just needs an internet connection to access our portal for confidential advice from our hand-picked professionals. We offer convenience, ease of access, discretion and security.

Our aim is to supply accessible, reliable, timely, trusted professional help for anyone seeking advice. We consider this to be an important way to improve outcomes for those who suffer from these problems.

All sorts of events happen in our life and we are not always capable of handling these events on our own. We need intelligent and talented people to help us as sometimes we do not have the time or do not wish to go for a traditional consultation.

People visit us at for many different reasons, with many different ideas, thoughts, problems and confusions. Regardless of the reason you visit us, we are always ready to listen to you, offer a healing support and best advice possible.