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The Anti-depression gateway

Our Philosophy

Sadness is not a vague feeling, it is felt as strongly and definitely as many other emotions that we are aware of. There is nothing pathological in mentally visiting sadness and a bit of melancholy as a reaction stressful life-events. We are all too human, and we go through this life being well aware that it will never be a straight road; there are unexpected twists and turns, intersections, unanticipated fellow passengers, bad drivers, strange and weird events – all leading us to a largely unknown destination. It is our ability to feel and empathise that gives clarity to this vague journey. Sadness will give meaning to the event that made you feel that way, just as happiness gives meaning to the time spent with a loved one.

We say, go ahead and feel sad; nothing wrong with that but do not breakdown at an intersection and get sucked into the vicious whirlpool of chronic pessimism, self-pity and denial. Get up, get going and experience the whole journey and never shy away from asking for help or providing it to someone who needs it. Drive into a new dawn. The generation that will tomorrow be leading the world first need to get over these problems which is now India’s biggest concern, specially among youth. Internet states that depression ranges as high as 40 % among adolescent age groups. India has been declared as depression capital of the world. Many of the people don’t seek help due to social taboos of attending a ‘Mental Health Clinic’. The very purpose of this platform is to help people to make better choices in their lives. We help people who have a problem in their life. It’s our commitment to make our ‘friends’ believe that they are absolutely worth it. We have been working tirelessly to make people re-realise that they are the most important beings on this planet, to make them trust that the world is a better place ‘with them’. To make them believe that no ‘Doom’ But ‘Dawn’ is their Destiny.