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1.Dawn is Destiny Self Assessment Tests – The service comprises of four different sections. These sections allow our friends (registered Members) to go & auto check their depression & other stress levels. 'Self -assessment' ensures absolute anonymity and security of the registered member. Results are strictly restricted only to the person who takes the test. All three sections are free of charge .

2.Dawn is Destiny Article Section – Our article section is a collection of different types of thoughts, ideas, articles, stories & essays. This section reflects our quest for information or useful advice from everyone that would benefit people. Needless to say the service is and will always be complementary and open to all.

3.Dawn is Destiny DMail Services (Web Based) – The help mail service is an attempt to answer your all un-answered queries. This involves deep analysis of your problem by our curated experts and then offering you the best possible advise. This service is available by making onetime payment of ₹ 199.

4.Dawn is Destiny DCall Services – The healing call service is the direct 1-2-1 exchange between the person who needs help and our state of the art experts over the telephonic call. The service can be taken in different time frames(minutes) and different schedules as per availability of the expert. Registered members can choose from a 10 minute and 20 minute duration of call. The service is charged at ₹ 299 and ₹ 499 respectively.

5.Dawn is Destiny DVideo Services – Video interaction over the net is a facility which will allow our friends (registered members) to have direct and high quality Communication with our experts. DID team is working to launch the service soon.